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Antimicrobial Resistance: Investigating the Environmental Dimension - Frontiers 2017: Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern
Gaze, William, Depledge, Michael

Antibiotic pharmaceuticals are used around the world to treat and prevent bacterial infections in humans, animals and even plants. They have also been used widely as growth promoters to increase meat production, although this practice was banned in the European Union in 2006. While the misuse of antibiotics in medical and agricultural practices has been linked to increasing resistance, the role of the natural environment in the emergence and spread of resistance has received relatively little attention.

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The Emissions Gap Report 2017 - Executive Summary
United Nations Environment Programme

The eighth UN Environment Emissions Gap Report provides an up-to-date scientific assessment of the global progress towards the emissions reductions required to be on track to meet the long-term goal of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
The overall conclusion of the assessment is that government and other stakeholder’s emissions reduction commitments are far from the level of ambition required for an emissions pathway consistent with staying below a 2°C, let alone a 1.5°C, temperature increase.

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