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Compendium of Judicial Decisions on Matters Related to Environment: National Decisions - Volume III
United Nations Environment Programme

The Compendium of Judicial Decisions was
devised with two objectives. First, it aims to create
awareness and enthusiasm among lawyers and non-lawyers alike on the current trends in the jurisprudence related to environmental matters. Second, it aims to provide resource materials for reflecting on specific pieces of court decisions from the point of view of courts of different perspectives, grounded as they are in the unique legal traditions and circumstances of different countries and jurisdictions.

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OzoNews Volume II - 5 November 2001
United Nations Environment Programme

In this issue:
1- Storms Lower Ozone Levels (UK)
2- Irradiation to Preserve Spices, Products Quality (India)
3- Science Holds its Nose and Investigates Rubbish (USA)
4- A Growing Concern (USA)