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Goodlife Goals [Pack of Actions]
United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint for a better future. And together we can reach them. By following the Good Life Goals we can all help make tomorrow better than today. Let’s do this!

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Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment for Human Health: Principles and Approaches - Environmental Health Criteria 223
United Nations Environment Programme, World Health Organization, International Labour Organisation

Chemicals have become an indispensable part of human life, sustaining activities and development, preventing and controlling many
diseases, and increasing agricultural productivity. Despite their benefits, chemicals may, especially when misused, cause adverse effects on human health. The nervous system has been shown to be particularly vulnerable to certain chemical exposures, and there is increasing global concern about the potential health effects from exposure to neurotoxic chemicals.

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Reports and Books
Conferenza ONU Sull' Ambiente Umano Stoccolma 1972
United Nations Environment Programme, Centro Internazionale Ricerche Sulle sStrutture Ambientali "Plo Manzi"

La presente pubblicazione, che raccoglie i testi piu significativi del dossier ONU in materia di difesa ambientate.