Children's Rights and the Environment: Report of the United Nations Special Rapporteur
United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Human Rights Special Procedures, Knox, John, Queen's University Belfast, Terre des Hommes International Federation
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Green Economy: Briefing Paper: Trade
United Nations Environment Programme

Trade has the potential to drive a green economy by fostering the exchange of environmentally friendly goods and services, increasing resource efficiency, generating economic opportunities and employment, and contributing to poverty eradication. If managed poorly, however, unrestrained trade can contribute to environmental degradation, unsustainable resource use, and increased wealth disparities, all of which hinder a green economy transition and sustainable development objectives.

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Safe Use of HCFC Alternatives in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning: Higher toxicity refrigerants
United Nations Environment Programme

As the phase out of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) progresses, it is expected that there will be a considerably higher uptake, in particular in developing countries, of ‘alternative refrigerants’, such as hydrocarbons, ammonia, carbon dioxide, unsaturated hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) –or HFOs. Many of these alternative refrigerants have particular characteristics in terms of toxicity, flammability and high pressure which are different from those used previously such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and HCFCs. When refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment is installed, serviced, repaired and dismantled, safety issues need to be carefully evaluated and considered particularly when servicing technicians have to deal with refrigerants with properties that they were previously not familiar with. It is therefore important that the refrigeration and airconditioning industry adapts to both the technical and safety issues concerning these refrigerants.

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Environment Fund FAQs
United Nations Environment Programme

What is the Environment Fund? The Environment Fund is our core source of flexible, unearmarked funds. It allows us to carry out our mandate of being the leading global authority on the environment, with the power to positively influence government policies and to drive the global conversation on the environment.


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