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Establishing an HCFC Import Quota System
United Nations Environment Programme

Parties to the Montreal Protocol are obliged to follow the HCFC phase-out schedules agreed upon in 2007 (Decision XIX/6). Furthermore, developing countries seeking any further assistance from the Multilateral Fund for the HCFC phase out beyond 2012 must provide confirmation that they have an enforceable national system of licensing and quotas in place for HCFC imports and, where applicable, production and exports (Decision 63/17). Since the first control measure for developing countries for HCFCs enters into force on 1 January 2013, developing countries are therefore urged to design and implement such an HCFC quota system without delay to help ensure the country's compliance with the Montreal Protocol. UNEP OzonAction CAP has developed this practical, step-wise guide to assist National Ozone Units in Article 5 countries with designing and implementing such quota systems. This 27-page guide addresses policies facilitating implementation of the HCFC phase out, principles of an import quota system, how to establish an HCFC import quota system, additional measures which may help in enforcement of HCFC import quota systems, and import quota systems for equipment containing or relying on HCFCs. It also provides examples and lessons learnt, as well as suggested formats for questionnaires and accompanying letters to be used in a survey of potential HCFC importers and exporters.