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Green Economy: Briefing Paper: Trade
United Nations Environment Programme

Trade has the potential to drive a green economy by fostering the exchange of environmentally friendly goods and services, increasing resource efficiency, generating economic opportunities and employment, and contributing to poverty eradication. If managed poorly, however, unrestrained trade can contribute to environmental degradation, unsustainable resource use, and increased wealth disparities, all of which hinder a green economy transition and sustainable development objectives.

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GEO-6 Key Messages
United Nations Environment Programme

As an outcome of the negotiation meeting of the summary for policymakers of the sixth Global Environment Outlook, held in Nairobi from 21 to 24 January 2019, the Bureau of the meeting was requested to finalize a “key messages” document that would
explain concisely to ministers and other senior decision makers the key messages that emerged from the main assessment report. The Bureau therefore requested input on the draft version of the key messages document from all Member States present at the negotiation meeting and also requested comments thereon from the High-level Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Advisory Group and the Co-Chairs of the GEO-6 assessment