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Pesticide Use in the South Pacific: UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 89
United Nations Environment Programme

This report help ensure that safe and efficient use of pesticide in the south pacific region.

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Estudio del impacto ambiental de la descarga submarina en el puerto de coloso
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Ecological interactions between tropical coastal ecosystems
Mr.Cherles Birkeland

This report consist views expressed of SPC, SPPC, ESCAP

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Assessment of the economic imoacts of Hurricane Gilbert on Coastal and marine resources in Jamaica

This document's objective is to summarize the economic and environmental impacts of Hurricane Gilbert which struck Jamaica on 12th September 1988.

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Pollutant modification of atmospheric and oceanic processes and climate: some aspects of the problem

The sixth session of the GESAMP Working group on the interchange of pollutions between the Atmosphere and Ocean stressed the impact of contaminants on climate.

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Assessment of Land-based Sources and Activities Affecting the Marine, Coastal and Associated Freshwater Environment in the Wider Caribbean Region

This document provides a regional overview on land-based sources and activities affecting the marine, coastal and associated freshwater environment in the wider caribbean region (WCR)

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Interaction of the oceans with greenhouse gases and atmospheric aerosols

This report is an extract from the report entitled 'pollutant modification of Atmospheric and Oceanic processes and Climate'

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Informe nacional sobre la situacion de los mamiferos marinos en colombia
L.Florez, M.Prieto Y O. Bohorquez
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Combating oil pollution in the Kuwait Action Plan region.

This report documents rapid industrialization and urbanization of the states of the region.

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Reports and Books
Implications of Expected Climate Changes in the East Asian Seas Region: An Overview
United Nations Environment Programme

The East Asian Seas Regional Task Team on the Implications of Climate Change comprised scientists from within the region. At its two meetings in May and November of 1989, team members discussed their findings which led to this report. Emphasis was focused on the 5 countries of the region which participate in the Regional Seas Programme (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) although other countries within the region have been considered in some of the chapters. The team worked to a scenario of a mean global atmospheric temperature rise of 1 .5°C and corresponding sea level rise of 20cm by the year 2025. Case studies in this report appear either as individual chapters or are incorporated within chapters.

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