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Reports and Books
Arab Co-operation for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment and Coastal Areas Resources of the Mediterranean: UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 52
United Nations Environment Programme

This report research and monitors pollution in the Mediterranean.

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Reports and Books
UNEP Regional Seas Programme: the Eastern African Experience - UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 53
United Nations Environment Programme

This report document a regional programme within the framework of UNEP made by the Governing council of UNEP.

Download: rsrs053.pdf
The Maldives and the imoact of expected climatic changes
J. Pernetta and G. Sestini

The government of the Maldives endorsed in general the findings and recommendations of this report.

Download: rsrs104.pdf
Plan de accion para la conservacion de los mamiferos marinos en el pacifico sudeste
Download: rsrs143.pdf
Assessment of the implementation of the eastern african action plan and the effectiveness of its legal instruments

This report identify possible obstacles hindering the effective implemenetation of the regional action plan and improve legal instruments for the success of regional programme.

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Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Deep Waters and High Seas
Kristina M. Gjerde

This report summarise facts and options for the conservation and sustainable use of marine
habitats and life forms in deep waters and the open ocean, with a special focus on areas beyond national

Download: rsrs178.pdf
Environmental problems of the marine and coastal area of maldives
A.H.V Sarma

This is the country report on environmental problems in maldives.

Download: rsrs076.pdf
Reports and Books, Manuals and Guides
Financing the implementation of regional seas conventions and action plans: A Guide for National Action
United Nations Environment Programme, Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities

This report addresses the financing process as a whole: how to determine financing needs, how to choose the plan that best fits these needs, as well as the challenges Regional Seas Programmes will face while moving forward with the next phase of activities.

Download: rsrs180.pdf
Technical annexes to the report on the state of the marine environment

This report addresses concerns regarding impact of radiactive substances on human health and marine life

Download: rsrs114.pdf
Estudio del impacto ambiental de la descarga submarina en el puerto de coloso
Download: rsrs153.pdf