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The marine and coastal environment of the west and central african region and its state of pollution

This report shows history of WACAF region on the mechanism of terrigenous sedimentation and forming of the continental margin.

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Water quality studies on selected South Pacific lagoons
Shamila Naidu

This report presents the results of studies made on five Pacific lagoons located at Suva, Fiji; Villa, Vanuatu; Tarawa, Kiribati, Tongatapu, Tonga; and Marovo, Western Province, Solomon Islands. Studies were made on water quality by physical, chemical and microbiological analyses.

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State of the marine environment: West and Central African Region

This document provides necessary scientific background for shaping UNEP's policy towards the protection of the oceans

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The West and Central African Action Plan: evaluation of its development and achievements

This report is an in-depth evaluation of the Action Plan for the protection and development of the marine and coastal environment of the West and Central African Regon, covering the preparatory activities leading to its adoption in March 1981.

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Radioactivity in the South Pacific

This report is the outcome of the Technical Group's effort on the overview of the radiation environment in which pacific people live.

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Pesticide use in the south pacific
D.L Mowbray

This report help ensure that safe and efficient use of pesticide in the south pacific region.

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Overview of land-based sources and activities affectingthe marine, coastal and associated freshwater environment in the upper southwest atlantic

This overview provides a regional assessment of land-based sources and activities, which affect the marine, coastal and associate freshwater environment in the upper southwest atlantic.

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State of the marine environment in the ROPME Sea Area
O. Linden

This reports focuses on marine water contamination and its effects of the ecosystem in the Coastal and marine waters of the eight countries forming ROMPE

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Reports and Books
Implications of Climate Change in the ROPME Region: An Overview - UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 155
United Nations Environment Programme

This report is an overview of site-specific case studies on the possible impact of predicted climate change on the ecological systems

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Action plan for the conservation of the marine environment and coastal areas of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

This report contains action plan for the conservation of the marine environment and coastal areas in the red sea and gulf of aden.

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