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Prospects for global oceean pollution monitoring

This report contains final version on integrated global ocean monitoring.

Download: rsrs047.pdf
Ecological interactions between tropical coastal ecosystems
Mr.Cherles Birkeland

This report consist views expressed of SPC, SPPC, ESCAP

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Environmental Impact Assessment: sea-outfall for the Larnaca Sewerage system
Messrs A. Barlic and A. Jernelov

This document looks at the shortcomings of the procedures established for EIA in developed countries and responds to requests for a simple, practical and adequate approach to EIA.

Download: rsrs131.pdf
Coastal and marine environmental problems of somalia

This report consist summary on the coastal and marine environmental problems of somalia

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Methodologie d' inventaire et de controle de l'erosion cotiere dans la region de l' Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre
A.C Ibe et R.E Quelennec

Le present projet (WACAF/6) prolonge le projet (WACAF/3) pour aboutir a l'elaboration d'un manuel presentant des methodes appropriees de surveillance de l'erosion cotiere pour la region de l' afrique de l'ouest et du centre, y compris des procedures normalisees d'etude des zones cotieres, qui soient applicables dans cette region.

State of the marine environment in the ROPME Sea Area
O. Linden

This reports focuses on marine water contamination and its effects of the ecosystem in the Coastal and marine waters of the eight countries forming ROMPE

Download: rsrs112.pdf
State of the marine environment in the South Asian Seas Region
R. Sen Gupta

This document provides the necessary scientific background for shaping UNEP's policy towards protection of oceans.

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UNEP Regional Seas Programme: the Eastern African experience.

This report document a regional programme within the framework of UNEP made by the Governing council of UNEP.

Download: rsrs053.pdf
Radioactivity in the South Pacific

This report is the outcome of the Technical Group's effort on the overview of the radiation environment in which pacific people live.

Download: rsrs040.pdf
State of Marine environment in the South Pacific Region
J.E Brodie

This report reviews pollution brought about by human activities in the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme.

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