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Assessment of the implementation of the eastern african action plan and the effectiveness of its legal instruments

This report identify possible obstacles hindering the effective implemenetation of the regional action plan and improve legal instruments for the success of regional programme.

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Environmantal Asssement of the wider Caribbean Region
L. Davidson

This reports analyses the environmantal situation in the caribbean region and offers recommendations

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Hazardous waste storage and disposal in the south pacific

This report reviews human environment in the south pacific region.

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Areview of the geology of coral reefs in the red sea

This report is written in response to the rapid expansion of work on Red Sea reefs over the last two decades

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Environmental Impact Assessment: The Marina in Paphos - UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 130
United Nations Environment Programme

This document addresses the shortcomings of EIA procedures and responds to requests for a simple, practical and adequate approach to EIA. OCA/PAC of UNEP has attempted to formulate procedures with guidelines to be used in preparing EIA for development projects.

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Reports and Books
An ecological Study of Sites on the Coast of Oman: UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 071
United Nations Environment Programme, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Regional Organisation for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROMPE)

This report is the study of the intertidal and subtidal at selected sites around Oman.

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Methodologie d' inventaire et de controle de l'erosion cotiere dans la region de l' Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre
A.C Ibe et R.E Quelennec

Le present projet (WACAF/6) prolonge le projet (WACAF/3) pour aboutir a l'elaboration d'un manuel presentant des methodes appropriees de surveillance de l'erosion cotiere pour la region de l' afrique de l'ouest et du centre, y compris des procedures normalisees d'etude des zones cotieres, qui soient applicables dans cette region.

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Environmental problems of the marine and coastal area of Bangladesh
A.H.V Sarma

This is the country report on environmental problems in Bangladesh.

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Plan de accion para la conservacion de los mamiferos marinos en el pacifico sudeste
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Atmospheric input of trace species to the world oceans

This proposal makes estimations on global and regional scales that originated in 1987 on thr interchange of pollutants between atmosphere and the oceans

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