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Long-term consequences of low-level marine cntamination: an analytical approach

This document is based on the work of the GESMAP Workking Group on the Long-term contamination of the marine environment.

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Implications of expected climate changes in the west and central african region
A.C.Lbe and S.O.Ojo

The purpose of this report is to draw the attention of countries in the region to the problem associated with expected climate change.

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Prospects for global oceean pollution monitoring

This report contains final version on integrated global ocean monitoring.

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Environmental Impact ssessment
Messrs Arne Jernelov and Uri Marinov

This document is planned to be used in further testing of the approach which emerged from the meetings in Nicosta and Cairo

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GESAMP: Arsenic, mercury and selenium in the marine environment

This report review the potential harmful substnces which are organized by WHO and FAO and UNEP.

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Pesticide use in the south pacific
D.L Mowbray

This report help ensure that safe and efficient use of pesticide in the south pacific region.

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Overview of the Coastal and marine environment and environmental problems in the Northwest Pacific Region

This report provides the background for the Action Plan for the Protection and Development of the marine environment in the Northwest Pacific Region

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Coastal and marine environmental problems of the United Republic of Tanzania

This documents contains a number of reports that were carried out in consultation with local experts. They describe specific coastal and marine environmental problems of the United Republic of Tanazania such as coral reef destruction, mangroove cutting, fisheries over-exploitation and disturbance of marine reserves.

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Pollution par petrole et nettoyage du littoral des cotes de la region de l'Afrique orientale
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Aspects of coastal and marine areas management in the pacific
Marrgarita Astralaga

This report is focussed toward environmentally sound integrated planning and management of coastal zones

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