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Deep-sea biodiversity and ecosystems
Sybille van den Hove, Vincent Moreau

The intention of this report is to raise awareness of the
deep-sea and the impacts and pressures this unique
environment faces from human activities. We are confident
that this report provides substantial input to the ongoing
discussions about vulnerable deep- and high-sea ecosystems and biodiversity, so that action will be taken to preserve the oldest and largest biome on Earth – before it is too late.

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Long-term consequences of low-level marine cntamination: an analytical approach

This document is based on the work of the GESMAP Workking Group on the Long-term contamination of the marine environment.

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Environmental Impact assessment sewage treatment plant for port Said
Mr. Mohammed Khaled Mostafa

This documents analyzes the shortcomings of EIA procedures and responds to frequent requests for simple and practical approach to EIA, oceans and coastal areas programme activity center (OCA/PAC)

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Proceedings of thesymposium/workshop on oceanographic modelling of the Kuwait Action Plan (KAP) Region

This report outline the state of the art in the area of oceanographic modelling of the KAP Region

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Informe nacional sobre la situacion de los mamiferos marinos en Peru
J.C. Reyes
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Proceedings of the ROPME Workshop on coastal area development

This report includes the full text of all papers presented at the ROPME workshop.

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Potentail impacts of mining on the Fly River

This paper outlines the environment in which the mine is situated; details traditional resource use in the area; reviews the history of mine development and evaluates the current situation with regard to waste disposal.

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Overview on Land-based Pollutant Sources and Activities Affecting the Marine, Coastal, and Freshwater Environment in the Pacific Islands Region

This report provides a regional overview of the land-based pollutant sources and activities and their impacts on the marine, coastal, and freshwater resources of the South Pacific Region. The overview includes the 14 Pacific Island States participating in the GPA Activities

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Extraction de sabels coralleins et de coraux a l'ile Maurice: Bilan et perspectives
R.E Quelennec
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L'impact potentiel des activities socio-economiques sur l'environnement marin et cotier de la region de l'Afrique de l'Est
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