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Choosing priority organochlorines for marine hazard assessment

This document is based on the work of GESMAP Working Group on Potentially harmful substances, sub-group on organochlorine compounds.

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The ecosystems of small islands in the southwest pacific
HV.Y.Sokolov, Y.N.Badenkov, and Y.G.Puzachenko

This report compares a series of islands of different climatic condition, ages and geological origins as possible.

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Implications of expected climate changes in the South Pacific region: an overview
J.C Pernetta and P.J Hughes

This report aims to provide overviews and site specific case studies on the possible effects of climate change on the ecosystem.

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GESAMP: Arsenic, mercury and selenium in the marine environment

This report review the potential harmful substnces which are organized by WHO and FAO and UNEP.

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Plan de accion para la conservacion de los mamiferos marinos en el pacifico sudeste
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Overview on land-based sources and activities Affecting the Marine Environment in the ROPME Sea Area

This report focuses on ROPME Aea area.

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The marine and coastal environment of the west and central african region and its state of pollution

This report shows history of WACAF region on the mechanism of terrigenous sedimentation and forming of the continental margin.

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Co-operation for environmental protection in the pacific
Arthur Lyon Dahl

This report reviews the characteristics of currents, waves and tides and their role in pollutant transport in South-East Asian seas.

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GESAMP: Cadmium, Lead and tin in the marine environment

This report produces a scientific evaluation of the harmful effects of substances released into the marine environment,

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Etude d'impact sur l'environnement du port de plaisance de kabila
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