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Action plan for the conservation of the marine environment and coastal areas of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

This report contains action plan for the conservation of the marine environment and coastal areas in the red sea and gulf of aden.

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Mercury in the Mediterranean
Dr. M.Bernhard

This report review the contamination of the mediterranean basin by mercury on the basis of results obtained through MEDPOL and other programmes.

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Extraction de sabels coralleins et de coraux a l'ile Maurice: Bilan et perspectives
R.E Quelennec
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State of the marine environment in the Mediterranean Region
L. Jeftic

This reports analyses marine contaminats brought about human activities and their effects on the ecosystem. It also includes prevention and pollution control measures.

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Overview of land-based sources and activities affectingthe marine, coastal and associated freshwater environment in the upper southwest atlantic

This overview provides a regional assessment of land-based sources and activities, which affect the marine, coastal and associate freshwater environment in the upper southwest atlantic.

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GESAMP: Arsenic, mercury and selenium in the marine environment

This report review the potential harmful substnces which are organized by WHO and FAO and UNEP.

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Pesticide use in the south pacific
D.L Mowbray

This report help ensure that safe and efficient use of pesticide in the south pacific region.

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Overview of the Coastal and marine environment and environmental problems in the Northwest Pacific Region

This report provides the background for the Action Plan for the Protection and Development of the marine environment in the Northwest Pacific Region

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Reports and Books
Implications of Climate Change in the ROPME Region: An Overview - UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 155
United Nations Environment Programme

This report is an overview of site-specific case studies on the possible impact of predicted climate change on the ecological systems

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Environmental Impact assessment sewage treatment plant for port Said
Mr. Mohammed Khaled Mostafa

This documents analyzes the shortcomings of EIA procedures and responds to frequent requests for simple and practical approach to EIA, oceans and coastal areas programme activity center (OCA/PAC)

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