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Reports and Books
Thalassogenic Diseases: UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 79
United Nations Environment Programme

This report present a critical review of the epidemiological studies correlating thalassogenic infections-with the microbial quality of marine bathing waters

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Potentail impacts of mining on the Fly River

This paper outlines the environment in which the mine is situated; details traditional resource use in the area; reviews the history of mine development and evaluates the current situation with regard to waste disposal.

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Implications of expected climate changes in the Mediterranean region: an overview
G. Sestini, L. Jeftic and J.D. Milliman

This is a detailed case study on the maldives that was prepared with assisstance from the South Pacific and Mediterranean regional body.

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Status of Sea Turtle Conservation in the Western Indian Ocean
Humphrey S.L. and Salm R.V

This report covers the training component of the workshop which covered a range of issues from lifecycle, biology and ecology of sea turtles to the role of international treaties and conventions in seaturtle conservation

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Plan de Contingencia para Combatir la Contaminacion de Petroleo en el Pacifico Sudeste en Casos de Emergencia
Comision Permanente Del Pacifico Sur
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Seamounts, deep-sea coral and fisheries
Malcolm R Clark, Derek Tittensor, Alex D Rogers, Paul Brewin, Thomas Schlacher, Ashley Rowden, Karen Stocks, Mireille Consalvey

This report, compiled by an international group of
leading experts working under the Census of Marine Life
programme, responds to these calls. It provides a
fascinating insight into what we know about seamounts,
deep-sea corals and fisheries, and uses the latest facts
and figures to predict the existence and vulnerability of
seamount communities in areas for which we have no or
only insufficient information.

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Coastal resources of the pacific basin: investigation and steps toward protective management
Nora N.Devoe

This report encourage inter-governmental co-operation and communication among south pacific, south east pacific and east asian seas.

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Environmental Impact ssessment
Messrs Arne Jernelov and Uri Marinov

This document is planned to be used in further testing of the approach which emerged from the meetings in Nicosta and Cairo

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Overview of the Coastal and marine environment and environmental problems in the Northwest Pacific Region

This report provides the background for the Action Plan for the Protection and Development of the marine environment in the Northwest Pacific Region

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Extraction de sabels coralleins et de coraux a l'ile Maurice: Bilan et perspectives
R.E Quelennec
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