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Pollutant modification of atmospheric and oceanic processes and climate: some aspects of the problem

The sixth session of the GESAMP Working group on the interchange of pollutions between the Atmosphere and Ocean stressed the impact of contaminants on climate.

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Overview on Land-based Pollutant Sources and Activities Affecting the Marine, Coastal, and Freshwater Environment in the Pacific Islands Region

This report provides a regional overview of the land-based pollutant sources and activities and their impacts on the marine, coastal, and freshwater resources of the South Pacific Region. The overview includes the 14 Pacific Island States participating in the GPA Activities

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Proceedings of thesymposium/workshop on oceanographic modelling of the Kuwait Action Plan (KAP) Region

This report outline the state of the art in the area of oceanographic modelling of the KAP Region

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State of Marine environment in the South Pacific Region
J.E Brodie

This report reviews pollution brought about by human activities in the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme.

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Assessment of the economic imoacts of Hurricane Gilbert on Coastal and marine resources in Jamaica

This document's objective is to summarize the economic and environmental impacts of Hurricane Gilbert which struck Jamaica on 12th September 1988.

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Guidelines for integrated management of coastal and marine areas
split, croatia, PAP/RAC

This document is intended to provide general guidelines for national policy-makers, managers and professional involved in the development and implementation of integrated coastal and marine areas management (ICAM) programmes

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Pollution par petrole et nettoyage du littoral des cotes de la region de l'Afrique orientale
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Combating oil pollution in the Kuwait Action Plan region.

This report documents rapid industrialization and urbanization of the states of the region.

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Physical ocean environment in the South Pacific Commission Area

This report is acontribution to the south pacific regional environment programme.

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Pesticide use in the south pacific
D.L Mowbray

This report help ensure that safe and efficient use of pesticide in the south pacific region.

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