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Tar pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

This report review the contamination of the mediterranean basin by tar on the basis of results obtained through MEDPOL and other programmes.

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Etat du milieu marin: Region de l'Afrique orientale
I. Bryceson

Mieux comprendre l'evolution des problemes touchant l'environnement marin est un objectif que vise inlassablement le programe pour les oceans et les zones scientifiques indispensible a l' echelon des politiques qu'il concoit pour proteger les oceans.

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Guidelines for integrated management of coastal and marine areas
split, croatia, PAP/RAC

This document is intended to provide general guidelines for national policy-makers, managers and professional involved in the development and implementation of integrated coastal and marine areas management (ICAM) programmes

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Management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the Eastern African region.

This report reviews the past and on-going conservation activities related to the Eastern Africa region at the regional and national levels in eastern african region.

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Coastal and marine environmental problems of the United Republic of Tanzania

This documents contains a number of reports that were carried out in consultation with local experts. They describe specific coastal and marine environmental problems of the United Republic of Tanazania such as coral reef destruction, mangroove cutting, fisheries over-exploitation and disturbance of marine reserves.

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Implications of expected climate changes in the Mediterranean region: an overview
G. Sestini, L. Jeftic and J.D. Milliman

This is a detailed case study on the maldives that was prepared with assisstance from the South Pacific and Mediterranean regional body.

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Implications of expected climate changes in the west and central african region
A.C.Lbe and S.O.Ojo

The purpose of this report is to draw the attention of countries in the region to the problem associated with expected climate change.

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The East Asian Seas Action Plan: evaluation of its development and achievements

This report is an in-depth evaluation of the Action Plan for the protection and development of the marine and coastal areas of the East Asian Region

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Combating oil pollution in the Kuwait Action Plan region.

This report documents rapid industrialization and urbanization of the states of the region.

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Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Deep Waters and High Seas
Kristina M. Gjerde

This report summarise facts and options for the conservation and sustainable use of marine
habitats and life forms in deep waters and the open ocean, with a special focus on areas beyond national

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