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Orientaciones para la evaluacion del impacto ambiental en los paises en desarrollo
Y.J.Ahmad y , G.K. Sammy
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Coastal and marine environmental problems of the United Republic of Tanzania

This documents contains a number of reports that were carried out in consultation with local experts. They describe specific coastal and marine environmental problems of the United Republic of Tanazania such as coral reef destruction, mangroove cutting, fisheries over-exploitation and disturbance of marine reserves.

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Environmantal Asssement of the wider Caribbean Region
L. Davidson

This reports analyses the environmantal situation in the caribbean region and offers recommendations

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Radioactivity in the South Pacific

This report is the outcome of the Technical Group's effort on the overview of the radiation environment in which pacific people live.

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Environmental Impact Assessment: the marina in Paphos
Messrs A. Barlic and A. Jernelov

This document addresses the shortcomings of EIA procedures and responds to requests for a simple, practical and adequate approach to EIA. OCA/PAC of UNEP has attempted to formulate procedures with guidelines to be used in preparing EIA for development projects.

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Environmental problems of the marine and coastal area of Sri Lanka
A.H.V Sarma

This is the country report on environmental problems in Sri Lanka.

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Los mamiferos marinos del oceano pacifico sudeste (panama, colombia, ecuador, peru y chile): diagnostico regional
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Natural resource data bank for the south pacific
L.Hill and J.Pernetta

This report encompasses perceived needs and capabilities concerning the acquisition of environmental and resource data and its incorporation.

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This report recognised that other uses , such as production of sea salt and algae for domestic consumption, desalination, transportation and waste disposal are also important and might warrant attention in the future.

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Contigency planning for emergencies associated with industrial installations in the west and central african region
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

This report is a contribution of the action plan for the west and central african region.

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