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Implications of climate change in the ROPME Region: An overview
El-Sayed M. Hasssan and Makram A. Gerges

This report is an overview of site-specific case studies on the possible impact of predicted climate change on the ecological systems

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Hazardous waste storage and disposal in the south pacific

This report reviews human environment in the south pacific region.

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Hazardous waste storage and disposal in the south pacific

This report reviews human environment in the south pacific region.

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Management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the Eastern African region.

This report reviews the past and on-going conservation activities related to the Eastern Africa region at the regional and national levels in eastern african region.

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Maziwi Islands Off Pangani (Tanzania): History of its destruction and possible causes
Mario B. Fay

This document is a comprehensive report of the studies conducted which include aerial photgraph, seismic, meteorological data and field work. It includes conclusions and concrete proposals on further studies on Mazawi and other Islnds in the Eastern African Region which might be subject to similar circustances.

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The East Asian Seas Action Plan: evaluation of its development and achievements

This report is an in-depth evaluation of the Action Plan for the protection and development of the marine and coastal areas of the East Asian Region

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Environmental Economics for Integrated Coastal Area Management: Valuation Method and Policy Instruments
T.A.Grigalunas and R.Congar

This report was prepared to contribute in the implementation of programmes on the integrated management of coastal areas for national capacity building among the 13 regions covered by the Regional Seas Programme

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Accounting for Economic Activities on Large Marine Ecosystems and Regional Seas
Porter Hoagland and Di Jin

The report compiles estimates of activity levels of the relevant marine sectors (e.g fisheries,
aquaculture, tourism, shipping, oil etc.) of countries bordering the world’s LMEs and RSs.

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Methodologie d' inventaire et de controle de l'erosion cotiere dans la region de l' Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre
A.C Ibe et R.E Quelennec

Le present projet (WACAF/6) prolonge le projet (WACAF/3) pour aboutir a l'elaboration d'un manuel presentant des methodes appropriees de surveillance de l'erosion cotiere pour la region de l' afrique de l'ouest et du centre, y compris des procedures normalisees d'etude des zones cotieres, qui soient applicables dans cette region.

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Proceedings of the first ASEAMS Symposium on Southeast Asian Marine Science and Environmental Protection

This report involves the study of two meteorological elements , precipitation and pressure over South China Sea and adjacent areas and discusses each element accordingly.

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