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Implications of climate change in the red sa and gulf of aden: an overview
Moustafa M.Fouda and Makram A.Gerges

This report addresses the regional overviews and site specific case studies on the possible impact of predicted climate change on the ecological systems and socio-economic activities.

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Extraction de sabels coralleins et de coraux a l'ile Maurice: Bilan et perspectives
R.E Quelennec
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GESAMP: Environmental capacity: an approach to marine pollution prevention

This is the report of the GESAMP working group on the methodologies and guidelines for the assessement of the pollutants on the marine environment.

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Status of Sea Turtle Conservation in the Western Indian Ocean
Humphrey S.L. and Salm R.V

This report covers the training component of the workshop which covered a range of issues from lifecycle, biology and ecology of sea turtles to the role of international treaties and conventions in seaturtle conservation

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Oil spill comtingency plan for Mauritius
M. Murday and E.R Gundlach

This document describes the national contingency plan for responding to oil spills that may occur in Mauritius and five of the important Islets.

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Pollutant modification of atmospheric and oceanic processes and climate: some aspects of the problem

The sixth session of the GESAMP Working group on the interchange of pollutions between the Atmosphere and Ocean stressed the impact of contaminants on climate.

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Ecological interactions between tropical coastal ecosystems
Mr.Cherles Birkeland

This report consist views expressed of SPC, SPPC, ESCAP

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Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Deep Waters and High Seas
Kristina M. Gjerde

This report summarise facts and options for the conservation and sustainable use of marine
habitats and life forms in deep waters and the open ocean, with a special focus on areas beyond national

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