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L'impact potentiel des activities socio-economiques sur l'environnement marin et cotier de la region de l'Afrique de l'Est
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The ecosystems of small islands in the southwest pacific
HV.Y.Sokolov, Y.N.Badenkov, and Y.G.Puzachenko

This report compares a series of islands of different climatic condition, ages and geological origins as possible.

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Assessment of the economic imoacts of Hurricane Gilbert on Coastal and marine resources in Jamaica

This document's objective is to summarize the economic and environmental impacts of Hurricane Gilbert which struck Jamaica on 12th September 1988.

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Reports and Books
GESAMP: Environmental Capacity; An Approach to Marine Pollution Prevention - UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 80
United nations Environment Programme

This is the report of the GESAMP working group on the methodologies and guidelines for the assessement of the pollutants on the marine environment.

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Review of Small Cetaceans
Boris M. Culik

This reference book is intended for experts in the field of marine biology, students, and conservationists as well as for interested laypersons

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