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Radioactivity in the South Pacific

This report is the outcome of the Technical Group's effort on the overview of the radiation environment in which pacific people live.

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Environmental problems of the south asian seas region: An overview

This report reviews the environmental problems of the region defined as priority areas.

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Implicationsof expected climate change in the eastern african coastal region.
A.L.Alusa and L.J.Ogallo

This report is a contribution of the oceans and costal area programme activity centre

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Overview of land-based sources and activities affecting the marine, coastal and associated freshwater environment in the eastern african region
Institute of Marine Sciences of the University of Dar es salaam

This report covers three coastal states Kenya, United Republic of Tanzania and Mozambique and five island states

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Proceedings of the first ASEAMS Symposium on Southeast Asian Marine Science and Environmental Protection

This report involves the study of two meteorological elements , precipitation and pressure over South China Sea and adjacent areas and discusses each element accordingly.

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Implications of Expected Climate Changes in the East Asian Seas Region: An Overview
United Nations Environment Programme

The East Asian Seas Regional Task Team on the Implications of Climate Change comprised scientists from within the region. At its two meetings in May and November of 1989, team members discussed their findings which led to this report. Emphasis was focused on the 5 countries of the region which participate in the Regional Seas Programme (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) although other countries within the region have been considered in some of the chapters. The team worked to a scenario of a mean global atmospheric temperature rise of 1 .5°C and corresponding sea level rise of 20cm by the year 2025. Case studies in this report appear either as individual chapters or are incorporated within chapters.

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Long-term consequences of low-level marine cntamination: an analytical approach

This document is based on the work of the GESMAP Workking Group on the Long-term contamination of the marine environment.

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Pollution par petrole et nettoyage du littoral des cotes de la region de l'Afrique orientale
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