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Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Deep Waters and High Seas
Kristina M. Gjerde

This report summarise facts and options for the conservation and sustainable use of marine
habitats and life forms in deep waters and the open ocean, with a special focus on areas beyond national

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Oil pollution and its control in the East Asian Seas region

This report compiles volume of papers presented at the meeting of experts on the control of oil pollution in the East Asian Seas Region

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Technical annexes to the report on the state of the marine environment

This report addresses concerns regarding impact of radiactive substances on human health and marine life

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UNEP Regional Seas Programme: the Eastern African experience.

This report document a regional programme within the framework of UNEP made by the Governing council of UNEP.

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Contigency planning for emergencies associated with industrial installations in the west and central african region
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

This report is a contribution of the action plan for the west and central african region.

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Implications of expected climate changes in the South Pacific region: an overview
J.C Pernetta and P.J Hughes

This report aims to provide overviews and site specific case studies on the possible effects of climate change on the ecosystem.

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An ecological study of sites on the coast of Bahrain

This report is the study of the intertidal and subtidal at selected sites around Bahrain

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State of Marine environment in the South Pacific Region
J.E Brodie

This report reviews pollution brought about by human activities in the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme.

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The Action Plan for the Caribbean environment programme: evaluation of its development and achievements

This document constitutes an in-depth evaluation of the action plan for the caribbean environment programme. It covers the preparatory activities initiated in the 1976 leading to its adoption in April 1981 and imlementation

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Overview on land-based sources and activities Affecting the Marine Environment in the ROPME Sea Area

This report focuses on ROPME Aea area.

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