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Management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the red sea and gulf of aden region.

This report reviews the past and on-going conservation activities related to the Eastern Africa region at the regional and national levels in red sea and gulf of aden region.

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Environmental Impact ssessment
Messrs Arne Jernelov and Uri Marinov

This document is planned to be used in further testing of the approach which emerged from the meetings in Nicosta and Cairo

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Environmental impact assessment in the United Arab Emirates

This report records impacts of Ruwais industrial complex, jabel dhanna and zirku island terminals

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Environmental Impact Assessment: the marina in Paphos
Messrs A. Barlic and A. Jernelov

This document addresses the shortcomings of EIA procedures and responds to requests for a simple, practical and adequate approach to EIA. OCA/PAC of UNEP has attempted to formulate procedures with guidelines to be used in preparing EIA for development projects.

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Overview on Land-based Pollutant Sources and Activities Affecting the Marine, Coastal, and Freshwater Environment in the Pacific Islands Region

This report provides a regional overview of the land-based pollutant sources and activities and their impacts on the marine, coastal, and freshwater resources of the South Pacific Region. The overview includes the 14 Pacific Island States participating in the GPA Activities

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Environmental problems of the south asian seas region: An overview

This report reviews the environmental problems of the region defined as priority areas.

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Hazardous waste storage and disposal in the south pacific

This report reviews human environment in the south pacific region.

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Oil spill comtingency plan for Mauritius
M. Murday and E.R Gundlach

This document describes the national contingency plan for responding to oil spills that may occur in Mauritius and five of the important Islets.

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Assessment of the economic imoacts of Hurricane Gilbert on Coastal and marine resources in Jamaica

This document's objective is to summarize the economic and environmental impacts of Hurricane Gilbert which struck Jamaica on 12th September 1988.

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Plan de accion para la conservacion de los mamiferos marinos en el pacifico sudeste
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