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Accounting for Economic Activities on Large Marine Ecosystems and Regional Seas: UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 181
United Nations Environment Programme

The report compiles estimates of activity levels of the relevant marine sectors (e.g fisheries,
aquaculture, tourism, shipping, oil etc.) of countries bordering the world’s LMEs and RSs.

State of the marine environment: West and Central African Region

This document provides necessary scientific background for shaping UNEP's policy towards the protection of the oceans

Download: rsrs108.pdf
Informe nacional sobre la situacion de los mamiferos marinos en colombia
L.Florez, M.Prieto Y O. Bohorquez
Download: rsrs146.pdf
The Maldives and the imoact of expected climatic changes
J. Pernetta and G. Sestini

The government of the Maldives endorsed in general the findings and recommendations of this report.

Download: rsrs104.pdf
Implications of climate change in the ROPME Region: An overview
El-Sayed M. Hasssan and Makram A. Gerges

This report is an overview of site-specific case studies on the possible impact of predicted climate change on the ecological systems

Download: rsrs155.pdf
Oil spill comtingency plan for Mauritius
M. Murday and E.R Gundlach

This document describes the national contingency plan for responding to oil spills that may occur in Mauritius and five of the important Islets.

Download: rsrs125.pdf


This report recognised that other uses , such as production of sea salt and algae for domestic consumption, desalination, transportation and waste disposal are also important and might warrant attention in the future.

Download: rsrs042.pdf
Choosing priority organochlorines for marine hazard assessment

This document is based on the work of GESMAP Working Group on Potentially harmful substances, sub-group on organochlorine compounds.

Download: rsrs120.pdf
Reports and Books
State of the marine environment in Antarctica
United Nations Environment Programme, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Human activities have had a major effect on the balance of the Antarctic marine ecosystem, this can be seen by damage of large agae such as kelp that is caused by increased UV penetration

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Management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the Kuwait action plan region

This report reviews the past and on-going conservation activities related to the Eastern Africa region at the regional and national levels in Kuwait action plan

Download: rsrs063.pdf