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Etat du milieu marin: Region de l'Afrique orientale
I. Bryceson

Mieux comprendre l'evolution des problemes touchant l'environnement marin est un objectif que vise inlassablement le programe pour les oceans et les zones scientifiques indispensible a l' echelon des politiques qu'il concoit pour proteger les oceans.

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State of the marine environment in Antarctica
J. O Stomberg

Human activities have had a major effect on the balance of the Antarctic marine ecosystem, this can be seen by damage of large agae such as kelp that is caused by increased UV penetration

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Water quality studies on selected South Pacific lagoons
Shamila Naidu

This report presents the results of studies made on five Pacific lagoons located at Suva, Fiji; Villa, Vanuatu; Tarawa, Kiribati, Tongatapu, Tonga; and Marovo, Western Province, Solomon Islands. Studies were made on water quality by physical, chemical and microbiological analyses.

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GESAMP: Thermal discharges in the amrine environment

This report reviews effects of thermal discharges on coastal waters and subsequently evaluate direct and indirect effects on marinelife.

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Management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the south asian seas region

This report reviews the past and on-going conservation activities related to the Eastern Africa region at the regional and national levels in the south asian seas

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Areview of the geology of coral reefs in the red sea

This report is written in response to the rapid expansion of work on Red Sea reefs over the last two decades

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Co-operation for environmental protection in the pacific
Arthur Lyon Dahl

This report reviews the characteristics of currents, waves and tides and their role in pollutant transport in South-East Asian seas.

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Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Deep Waters and High Seas
Kristina M. Gjerde

This report summarise facts and options for the conservation and sustainable use of marine
habitats and life forms in deep waters and the open ocean, with a special focus on areas beyond national

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Environmental impact assessment in the United Arab Emirates

This report records impacts of Ruwais industrial complex, jabel dhanna and zirku island terminals

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Hazardous waste storage and disposal in the south pacific

This report reviews human environment in the south pacific region.

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