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Informe nacional sobre la situacion de los mamiferos marinos en colombia
L.Florez, M.Prieto Y O. Bohorquez
Download: rsrs146.pdf
Proceedings of the ROPME Workshop on coastal area development

This report includes the full text of all papers presented at the ROPME workshop.

Download: rsrs090.pdf
Prospects for global oceean pollution monitoring

This report contains final version on integrated global ocean monitoring.

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Marine mammals plan of action: evaluation of its development and achievements

This document gives an overview of the objectives of the Global Plan Of Action for the Conservation, Management and utilization of marine mammals.

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Management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the Eastern African region.

This report reviews the past and on-going conservation activities related to the Eastern Africa region at the regional and national levels in eastern african region.

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UNEP-Sponsored programme for the protection of oceans and coastal areas

This document reviews the development of the UNEP-Sponsored programme for the protection of oceans and coastal areas since the 1982 review meeting and its planned future development in the light of relevant decisions governing the council (UNEP, RSRS17), and specifically of the decision 15/1 of the 15th session of UNEP Governing Council (Nairobi, 15-26 May 1989)

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Guidelines for integrated management of coastal and marine areas
split, croatia, PAP/RAC

This document is intended to provide general guidelines for national policy-makers, managers and professional involved in the development and implementation of integrated coastal and marine areas management (ICAM) programmes

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Physical ocean environment in the South Pacific Commission Area

This report is acontribution to the south pacific regional environment programme.

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UNEP Regional Seas Programme: the Eastern African experience.

This report document a regional programme within the framework of UNEP made by the Governing council of UNEP.

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Technical annexes to the report on the state of the marine environment

This report addresses concerns regarding impact of radiactive substances on human health and marine life

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