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Overview on land-based sources and activities Affecting the Marine Environment in the ROPME Sea Area

This report focuses on ROPME Aea area.

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The marine and coastal environment of the west and central african region and its state of pollution

This report shows history of WACAF region on the mechanism of terrigenous sedimentation and forming of the continental margin.

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Legal aspects of preotecting and managing the marine and coastal environment of the east african region: national reports

This report is about protection and development of the marine and coastal environment of the east africn region.

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Environmental Impact ssessment
Messrs Arne Jernelov and Uri Marinov

This document is planned to be used in further testing of the approach which emerged from the meetings in Nicosta and Cairo

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Thalassogenic diseases

This report present a critical review of the epidemiological studies correlating thalassogenic infections-with the microbial quality of marine bathing waters

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Implications of expected climate changes in the South Pacific region: an overview
J.C Pernetta and P.J Hughes

This report aims to provide overviews and site specific case studies on the possible effects of climate change on the ecosystem.

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Oil pollution and its control in the East Asian Seas region

This report compiles volume of papers presented at the meeting of experts on the control of oil pollution in the East Asian Seas Region

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Arab co-operation for the protection and development of the marine environment and coastal areas resources of the mediterranean.

This report research and monitors pollution in the Mediterranean.

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An ecological study of sites on the coast of Bahrain

This report is the study of the intertidal and subtidal at selected sites around Bahrain

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Maziwi Islands Off Pangani (Tanzania): History of its destruction and possible causes
Mario B. Fay

This document is a comprehensive report of the studies conducted which include aerial photgraph, seismic, meteorological data and field work. It includes conclusions and concrete proposals on further studies on Mazawi and other Islnds in the Eastern African Region which might be subject to similar circustances.

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