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L'impact potentiel des activites socio-economiques sur l'environnement marin et cotier de la region de l'Afrique de l'Est : Rapports nationaux
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Overview on Land-based Pollutant Sources and Activities Affecting the Marine, Coastal, and Freshwater Environment in the Pacific Islands Region

This report provides a regional overview of the land-based pollutant sources and activities and their impacts on the marine, coastal, and freshwater resources of the South Pacific Region. The overview includes the 14 Pacific Island States participating in the GPA Activities

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Environmental Economics for Integrated Coastal Area Management: Valuation Method and Policy Instruments
T.A.Grigalunas and R.Congar

This report was prepared to contribute in the implementation of programmes on the integrated management of coastal areas for national capacity building among the 13 regions covered by the Regional Seas Programme

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Regional Co-operation on environmental protection of the marine and coastal areas of thr Pacific basin
Lyon Dahl

This paper proposes some pollution control alternatives as mechanisma to address surrent regional problems in South-East Pacific.

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Accounting for Economic Activities on Large Marine Ecosystems and Regional Seas
Porter Hoagland and Di Jin

The report compiles estimates of activity levels of the relevant marine sectors (e.g fisheries,
aquaculture, tourism, shipping, oil etc.) of countries bordering the world’s LMEs and RSs.

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Management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the Kuwait action plan region

This report reviews the past and on-going conservation activities related to the Eastern Africa region at the regional and national levels in Kuwait action plan

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Potentail impacts of mining on the Fly River

This paper outlines the environment in which the mine is situated; details traditional resource use in the area; reviews the history of mine development and evaluates the current situation with regard to waste disposal.

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Natural resource data bank for the south pacific
L.Hill and J.Pernetta

This report encompasses perceived needs and capabilities concerning the acquisition of environmental and resource data and its incorporation.

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Oil spill comtingency plan for Mauritius
M. Murday and E.R Gundlach

This document describes the national contingency plan for responding to oil spills that may occur in Mauritius and five of the important Islets.

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Marine mammals plan of action: evaluation of its development and achievements

This document gives an overview of the objectives of the Global Plan Of Action for the Conservation, Management and utilization of marine mammals.

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