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Coastal resources of the pacific basin: investigation and steps toward protective management
Nora N.Devoe

This report encourage inter-governmental co-operation and communication among south pacific, south east pacific and east asian seas.

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Proceedings of the first ASEAMS Symposium on Southeast Asian Marine Science and Environmental Protection

This report involves the study of two meteorological elements , precipitation and pressure over South China Sea and adjacent areas and discusses each element accordingly.

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State of the marine environment in the Black Sea Region
T. Balkas

This report describes the main sources of contaminants that affect the sea and their effects on the ecosystem

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The Regional activity centre for the mediterranean specially protected areas: evaluation of its development and achievements

This report help promote the development of a network of protected marine and coastal areas and to encourage regional cooperation in this field.

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Financing the implementation of regional seas conventions and action plans
Ulrik Weuder, Niels Konstantin Jensen,

This report addresses the financing process as a whole: how to determine financing
needs, how to choose the plan that best fits these needs, as well as the challenges Regional
Seas Programmes will face while moving forward with the next phase of activities.

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Overview on land-based sources and activities Affecting the Marine Environment in the ROPME Sea Area

This report focuses on ROPME Aea area.

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GESAMP: Thermal discharges in the amrine environment

This report reviews effects of thermal discharges on coastal waters and subsequently evaluate direct and indirect effects on marinelife.

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UNEP-Sponsored programme for the protection of oceans and coastal areas

This document reviews the development of the UNEP-Sponsored programme for the protection of oceans and coastal areas since the 1982 review meeting and its planned future development in the light of relevant decisions governing the council (UNEP, RSRS17), and specifically of the decision 15/1 of the 15th session of UNEP Governing Council (Nairobi, 15-26 May 1989)

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State of the marine environment: West and Central African Region

This document provides necessary scientific background for shaping UNEP's policy towards the protection of the oceans

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Marine mammals: global plan of action

This report proposes increases public understanding of marine mammals and their conservation varies greatly among human communities.

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